Education and understanding of your musculoskeletal condition is a very important component of injury recovery.  Below are links to common musculoskeletal conditions;

Other interesting links:

Back pain related; 

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Injury recovery related;

Running related;

  • Have you had a running related injury before (RRI)?  Are you currently running/training for an event?  Research shows that if you have had a previous RRI then you are more likely to sustain another RRI.  So come and see us at Arthur Street Physiotherapy for a detailed assessment to ensure the cause of your previous RRI is addressed and treated to minimise the risk of further RRI’s.  The study concluded that apart from a previous RRI’s the other risk factors in developing a RRI were; running more than 64km/week, having less than 3 years running experience and including speed training in your program.  They found that participating in interval training was predictive of reduced injury risk. Previous injuries and some training characteristics predict running related injuries in recreational runners: a prospective cohort study.

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Pregnancy and pelvic floor related;

  • If you have been pregnant then you should watch this short video clip regarding pelvic floor rehab and continence.  Pelvic floor and continence

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