Kristen has been conducting this type of class for many years and has found that they help immensely in a large variety of people and presenting injuries and conditions.   Whether it be;

  • as the next stage in someone’s rehab in recovering from an acute bout of back pain
  • or part of managing a long standing recurrent issue (scoliosis, disc pathology etc)
  • or that you never quite recovered your deep abdominal strength post pregnancy (whether that be one year ago or 20!)
  • that you feel that your core is weak
  • that you suffer musculoskeletal pain associated with poor posture
  • you want to improve your core stability, efficiency and prevent injury with activities such as running/soccer/gym etc
  • or that you experience musculoskeletal pain associated with sedentary work postures

The classes focus on correct activation of the deep spinal stabilising muscles, generally referred to as the ‘core muscles’ in various functional positions that are relevant to day-to-day life.  The classes also focus on spinal mobility and lumbo-pelvic strength combined with strengthening upper and lower body muscles.  People of varying physical capabilities are able to participate in the class as the exercises are adapted to each individual based on the initial assessment findings conducted prior to class participation.

Classes are rebatable through some private health insurers.  To check if you are covered please contact your insurer and ask if you are covered for physiotherapy classes under the code 561.  For all new patients to the clinic an Initial assessment must be conducted before commencing the classes. 

There are a maximum of 4 people per class!

back class